Final Fantasy VII: Junon Harbour Town

Shinra’s influence is felt immediately upon entering the old harbour town of Junon. The new city of Junon build on top of the old harbour town has turned the once serene harbour village into a vision much like the slums of Midgar. Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Aries Red XIII and Yuffie enter the gloomy town overshadowed by the city above and look around for a way to reach the upper world. One elevator is guarded by Shinra SOLDIERS seems to be the only way, but the team do not want to just storm the city. Questioning the town’s people and assuring them they are not from Shinra Cloud and Company discover the only way to the top other than the elevator is by an access hatch by the support tower at the beach. Walking to the beach they meet a young girl called Priscilla who is playing with a dolphin. Priscilla has much the same view of Cloud thinking the party are all Shinra and is mistrustful of them.  However with much convincing the party assure her that they are not Shinra but before she can answer any more questions she and the group are attacked by a monster from the sea.

Bottomswell is a long range serpent like creature that flys above the shallow waters.  Fighting it with Yuffie and Aries as I did made it hard as only Yuffie had a long range weapon, Cloud and Aries had to use magic! The monster itself can be a nasty opponent, trapping your fighters in a bubble of water that quickly zaps their health, and its main “Big Wave” attack will inflict a lot of damage. Disposing of the monster Cloud finds Priscilla unconscious and must perform CPR to resuscitate her.  CPR is another small task the game uses to absorb you in the world.  Priscilla comes to and an old man takes her away to rest, an old woman thanks the party for their kindness and offers to let them rest back at her home.

The party rest up for the night at the old lady’s house, but during the night Cloud has a dream. One of his strange episodes when he seems to be talking with himself. He talks about the time five years ago at Nibelheim when Tifa was their guide, asking why they didn’t catch up, how it would seem strange not to have after all that time apart and that maybe he should ask Tifa about it. Cloud awakens with Tifa standing over him, he immediately asks her but is cut short by a distracted Tifa who says something strange is happening outside. Cloud and Tifa leave and meet up with the rest of the party in the towns square.



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