Glengoyne 10 Year Old

The Glengoyne distillery sits at the foot of Dumgoyne Hill near Loch Lomond and is steeped in a history stretching back over 180 years. In 1833, George Connell, a local farmer acquired the rights to legally produce whisky in the area. He founded the Burnfoot Distillery, which later became Glenguin Distillery in 1861 and then in 1906 became Glengoyne.  Glengoyne boasts the slowest distillation process in Scotland. Six years are spent preparing the perfect oak casks before they receive their first drop of spirit, but its worth the wait.

Glengoyne 10 year old is a beautiful whisky, rich amber in appearance with slight herbal notes on the nose along with big oak and bourbon influences. The sweet notes are more creamy then fruity, with undertones of apple and a slight earthiness. Barley rich with marmalade sweetness and big influences of oak barrels it was aged in. Air dried barley means no influence at all from peat and that smooth character just jumps out and captures you in a way that’s surprising from lighter styled younger malt. Exquisite, long finish, the barley rich flavours and thick, sticky sweetness linger through from the palate. I really enjoy this whisky has the body flavour and balance of a much older malt!

First tried in work during a staff and customer tasting event, it was an absolute delight, i loved it from the first moment. Smooth and relaxed in character, perfectly balanced with no sharp edges. It is a really laid-back sort of malt that for me could fast become a malt of choice. Bottle will cost anywhere between £28 to £36 so shopping about for a good deal will pay off.

Malt #8


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