Top Five: Horror Movie Villains

I will start this post with starting that while these movies themselves may not be scary, they did frighten the shit out of me when I was a kid. Yes a kid, I had a lot of older cousins who enjoyed putting in a VHS tape and allowing me to be scared shitless. Today’s standards of horror seem much different than those of my childhood, a lot of the time horror plays upon gore and violence rather than the character study in malevolent evil. The latter is what made the following movies stick with me long after I had finished watching them, some so much I have never been able to watch them since.

(5)Jason Voorhees – Friday the 13th: Jason Voorhees was a child who drowned on Friday 13th at a summer camp at Camp Crystal Lake because the councillors spent more time getting laid than paying attention to the children in their care. A year after this the camp closes down after a brutal double murder on the same date. 20 years later the camp is set to reopen on Friday the 13th when a new set of horny councillors arrive at the lake. Ignoring the warnings of the crazy old man that they are all “doomed” the councillors set up camp but soon discover the warnings where real and that a machete slaughtering maniac is out to get them! I remember clearly when I first watched this movie, it was with my cousin Steven and it was the day before we headed off to a church summer camp at Crawfordsburn. What made this movie scary was that when we turned up for a two week stretch at camp it looked exactly like the movie. Big cabin in the clearing of trees in the middle of know where, or so it seemed to our childhood imaginations. The story of a little boy seeking revenge on those who failed him and though we went to camp as kids not councillors it still held a fear to us when exploring the campsite

(4) Michael Myers – Halloween: A psychotic murderer institutionalized since childhood for the murder of his sister, escapes and stalks a teenage girl and her friends while his doctor chases him through the streets. That’s a horror movie! The think about Michael Myers is that he is seemingly unstoppable. A mythic, elusive bogeyman, with superhuman strength who cannot be killed by bullets, stab wounds, or fire. The fear came to me more from the mask, that it could be anyone behind there, the fact that he also does not speak compounded that fear. It was again my cousins who put this on when I was a kid and allowed me to sit through it. This man this manic escaped from a lunatic asylum made it all so real, like he lived just up the road. The fact that he killed his sister was also horrific to me, further to this he kills anyone connected to his family including their friends!

(3) Chucky – Childs Play: Charles Lee Ray a serial killer known as the Lakeshore Strangler is brutally shot outside a Chicago toy store but uses voodoo to transfer his soul into a doll “Chucky”. In doll form Chucky manipulates a little boy to help him kill off the people responsible for his death before attempting to sacrifice him in order to regain a human body! It was my cousins who first sat me down to watch this movie, and though in later life I have watched the sequels that are more comedy horror “The Bride of Chucky “and “The Son of Chucky” I have never watched the original trilogy again. The aspects of voodoo, and a serial killer living inside a kid’s toy frightened me so much that I fell asleep staring at the cupboard in my room for fear of toys creeping out to kill me! I even once yelled out for my granny waking my cousin david in the process!

(2)Freddy Krueger – A Nightmare on Elm Street: A paedophile child killer who is hunted down by a mob of angry parents, cornered in a boiler room where he used to take his victims, and burnt alive. Of that’s not scary enough how about the when he comes and haunts people in their dreams, horribly using a glove armed with razors. It get worse when he kills his victims in their dreams, it causes their deaths in the real world as well. I once again was introduced to his horror by my cousins, and it was the cause of 3 weeks of a very scared Scott who was too afraid to go to sleep, and threats by my mum not never let me come back to Larne again. What scared me the most is that you can’t escape sleep, the whole paedophile thing never really was understood by me at that age! I have not watched the movies since and haven’t had the balls to watch the new remake!

(1)Pennywise – IT: Pennywise the Clown, the most terrifying evil creation that Stephen King ever devised. This demonic entity would disguise himself as a clown or other terrifying things based on the subject’s worst fears. As a clown he would attract children so he can capture and kill them as they are an easier target. I am not sure when I first watched this movie, I don’t even think I watched it the whole way through I just watched bits. I have never read the book and doubt that I ever will, clowns scare the absolute hell out of me, always have from my earliest memories. Clowns are freaky, something not right and down right malevolent evil sinister looking things. The face hidden behind a painted smile what’s even real about them!

So there you have it my Top Five Scariest Horror Movie Villains, remember if someone you like isn’t on here or someone you hate is, this is my list, but please get in touch via comments and let me know who you would have had on it! Most of these are my own personal fears attached to them and are pretty old school!


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