Final Fantasy VII: Rufus’s Welcoming Ceremony

Cloud follows Tifa out of the house and meet up with the rest of the party in the town square. A lot of noise is coming from the city above, parade music drums and trumpets, the party discuss what could be going on. Priscilla comes over, seemingly a lot better for a good nights sleep and in her gratitude she will give an Amulet to Cloud. The amulet is an heirloom but on closer inspection Cloud discovers it is “Shiva Matera” a Summon Materia used to gain access to call powerful deity that will fight alongside the party. The music still playing Priscilla announces that it is a rehearsal parade for the new Shinra president. Priscilla tells the party that her Grandpa and grandma told her this beach was beautiful when they were small. But after the Shinra built that city above, the sun stopped shining here, and the water got polluted… “I was raised on that story and hate Shinra so much, I could die!”

Pricilla offers to help Cloud reach the Access hatch with the aid of her dolphin friend who lifts and throws Cloud from the water to an overhanging ledge within reach of the ladder to the upper city. Clouds mission is to find a way to access the elevator and bring the rest of the company to the upper city! Following the access ladder leads Cloud to a huge airfield. Floating in the sky above anchored to the upper deck is an airship but the bay is utterly deserted. Cloud making his way through the airfield towards the barracks enters and is immediately set upon by the commander of the guards who mistakes him for a soldier. The parade to celebrate the new President Rufus’s arrival in Junon has all Guards in a stir. Cloud using the cover as a Guard decides to scope out the town and find out what Rufus is up to and if he can gather any more information on Sephiroth. Under the guise of a Guard Cloud must stay in formation during the parade to avoid suspicion. Afterwards standing at attention with the Guards Cloud overhears Rufus and Heidegger talk to each other about the journey onwards. The airship not being ready Rufus must travel on the cargo ship.

Cloud still in disguise has an opportunity to explore the rest of Junon. Talking with the town’s people and other Shinra personal Cloud discovers Junon is not only a major city but in many ways the second city of Shinra. Junon is Shinra’s primary airbase but also a major port having a submarine dock and an Underwater Mako Reactor This all adds up to a highly sophisticated military installation. All of this Cloud learns but finds no word on Sephiroth or any man in black, all the residents can talk about sis the president being in town Cloud runs into the Turks but the disguise holds and he is able to find out that they will be accompanying Rufus on the cargo ship. Making his way through the city of Junon Cloud reaches the harbour port.

Still in disguise Clouds must again perform military duties in the form or a military send off to Rufus before he boards the cargo ship. During this time the rest of the party stow away on board all disguised as Soldiers or deckhands! The ship sets sail across the seas with the party all on board!


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