Footsteps Invisible

“It was a weird sort of sound he heard, a shuffle-shuffle then a click…” One of a collection of short story’s found in the book Ghosts and more Ghosts by Robert Arthur Jr. Footsteps Invisible narrates the tale of a blind newspaper salesman Jorman who has the uncanny ability of telling his customers by their footsteps and the story of Sir Andrew who is being chased around the world by something that always tracks him down.

This story holds so much of what scares me in a good horror story. The unseen stalker, the unrelenting persistence in which it continues to hunt its prey, and the futility of resisting the inevitable outcome. The unseen in a horror story always holds more fear as it allows your own imagination to create monsters far better than any author could, in essence part of your self goes into the horror.  The supernatural aspects to the tale do not outweigh the spooky horror elements but in fact are used in perfect balance that enhance the over all feeling of creepy unsettling and horrific tale.

Looking further I found an element of morality in there, Sir Andrew Carraden knows why he is being perused all over the world by this nameless, faceless prowler. He even accepts that it was his own actions, a law he violated, a law he was aware of but went ahead and broke it anyway “I violated an ancient law, then got panicky and tried to escape the consequences”. That to me changes the element of evil, but makes it no less scary.


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