Stewart’s: Pilsen

Stewart Brewing was founded in Edinburgh as a local, independent micro-brewery 2004 by Steve and Jo Stewart and was based on two very simple principles, to produce the highest quality ale and beers possible and to provide an exceptional service to its customers.  Pilsen is a traditional German Pilsner brewed in keeping with the German Purity Laws.  Stewart’s Pilsen was made to celebrate their 1000th brew and is brewed using only lager malt, lager yeast and Saaz hops this is a true interpretation of the style originally brewed in Pilsen, Bohemia in the 1840s.

I love this beer so much! It is my favourite from the Stewarts range that I have tried so far. It pours a beautiful straw yellow with a slight haze and a generous white head. It is so clean, crisp and fresh. Such light lager with a large depth of character, which feels summery, like fresh cut grass and happy to drink. A light to medium bodied with tingling hop bitterness in its finish makes it mouth-wateringly tasty and refreshing!  I had the opportunity to try this beer for the first time at the Stewart’s Brewery while on a tour, and it is the fourth of 32 new beers on my list of 32 Things.   I tried a lot of beer that day and this one was my favourite of the range!

Beer # 4


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