Final Fantasy VII: Journey to a new continent

On board the cargo ship Cloud still in disguise begins the search for the others, in my mind this was fun to think about. Everyone dressed up like the enemy how are you to tell who’s who without giving anything away. The first person Cloud meets is a very sick Yuffie, seems our ninja does not have her sea legs, she asks Clouds for “Tranquilizer” to help. Another point to the emersion, you have the choice to help your sick friend now or keep it in case you need it later in battle, I choose to give her it. Aries is the next party member who cloud encounters, she tells Clouds she couldn’t believe the size of the airship at Junon and asks Cloud if he things she could ever get on it. You have the choice again to answer “I’ll take you some day” or “keep dreaming” I answered in the positive. Cloud takes his search to the upper decks and soon enough finds Tifa still in disguise and not enjoying being in a Shinra Uniform. Red XII is found staggering on the upper deck too, trying to walk on two legs which is fun to see. Barret is found at the front section of the upper deck spying on Rufus and Heidegger. Barrets rage is boiling over at the thought of his lost comrades and friends Wedge, Jessie and Biggs. Just as his temper breaks and he is about to storm the ship an alarm sounds warning that a stowaway has been found. Worried that it may be one of the party the two dash off to help.

Grouping together at the ships upper deck all of the party is safe and accounted for, this could mean only one thing, the stowaway is Sephiroth. The team head down to the lower levels to search for him following the trail of unconscious crewmen as they head towards the ships boiler room. A lone guard stands with his back to the party and as they approach he turns and falls dead. A disembodied voice is heard echoing around the room. “…After a long sleep…the time…time has…… come…”. Sephiroth then appears seeming to fade in from the lower levels like a ghost. Cloud talks directly to Sephiroth who doesn’t seem to remember him at all much to Clouds confusion. Sephiroth repeats his warning and flies off through the ceiling, and Cloud’s party enters a battle with a huge monster.

The fight has its difficult moments but after defeating it the party discover small tentacle-like piece still remains after the battle. They have seen it somewhere before, Shinra Headquarters. The creature was or was part of Jenova. Cloud gives the party a rundown of the facts he now knows for sure. “Sephiroth went off searching for the Promised Land, so he could become the ruler of the planet… That was 5 years ago. Then Sephiroth came back and killed President Shinra, and for some reason broke us out of jail. And then just now all of us saw Sephiroth. He was carrying Jenova with him. This much I do know. He told me he wants to go to the Promised Land with his mother, Jenova”. As the boat prepares to Dock at Costa del Sol the others run and hide. So Sephiroth is alive and the Promised Land does really exist…


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