Brick Mansions

In a dystopian Detroit crime rates have forced the city to build a containment wall around the most troubled district cutting it off and allowing everyone inside to rot in a cesspool of drugs and gang warfare. Skip forward to 2018 and the is mayor looking to build a new shining epicentre of commerce in the district known as Brick Mansions, however to do so the housing projects has to be flattened and everyone inside relocated. If this sounds familiar it is because it’s pretty much the opening plot of Robocop (1987) mixed with Escape from New York (1981).

Undercover narcotics cop Damien Collier (Paul Walker) out to fight corruption has his eyes set on drug Kinpin Tremaine Alexander (RZA) a man who between murder and drug dealing, seems to be auditioning for evil celebrity masterchef. When Tremaine steals neutron bomb which is activated on a countdown timer upon its opening, Damien is sent in to disarm it alongside ex con and all round spry mothafucka Lino (David Belle) who has his own score to settle. Tremaine has kidnapped his girlfriend Lola (Catalina Denis) for no other reason that a convenient plot device and has her under guard buy his goon squad consisting of Cee Lo Green lookalike K2, Tina Turna Thunder dome wanna be Rayzah and that big Uber Immortal giant monster from 300 Yeti. So cop and ex-con team up in order to bring down a crime lord and save the city, by running around like spidermonkys on speed.

Why did I choose this movie, well it was an Unlimited Card holder viewing. I don’t pay for the movies so I can pick up flicks I wouldn’t normally go and watch. The movie is actually not all that bad, no I mean really, I have sat through worse. Fair enough it plays out like any generic plot from a 80s action movie but there is entertainment there, if you don’t take it serious. It just flips from one stunt to the next with scenes being set up for the sole reason to do something cool that they thought up. Yes the visuals are cool and the stunts amazing but the movie over all has no tension, the incessant use of slow motion added a good 30 minutes to the running time and the ending is so absurd that it goes beyond stupid or bad and lands in mythic, seriously it has to be experienced just for the ending they cooked up. Go see it for an evening of watching the best parts of all your favourite action movies stuck in a blender and smashed into a film without much thought to a plot…and for a bit of a laugh! This movie gets points for being so insanely idiotic and surprisingly entertaining, in fact the more I find to dislike, the more I enjoy it!

My Rating: D+
Format: Cinema (Cineworld: Edinburgh)
I Would Not Buy This Movie


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