Stewart’s: Hop Jock

Stewart Brewing was founded in Edinburgh as a local, independent micro-brewery 2004 by Steve and Jo Stewart and was based on two very simple principles, to produce the highest quality ale and beers possible and to provide an exceptional service to its customers.  Hop Jock is part of the “Hop Series” that originally began with Radical Road and Black IPA but is quickly growing in number.  The simple blue label is uniform to a few of the newer release beers of the range and I quite like it!

Hop Jock is a 5.0% Pale Ale with a distinct yet well balanced hop character.  Fruitful grapefruit aromas and a fresh palate that refreshes the tastebuds and packs a punch with its  and assertive bitter edge. Floral and grassy notes with a citrus/lemon combo that just smacks the palate it is a beer for a hazy summer afternoon or long stretched out evening.  I had the opportunity to try this beer for the first time at the Stewart’s Brewery while on a tour, it was the first beer of the day and I really enjoyed it.  The tour really allowed me to try a lot of new beers that is perfect for hitting my quota of 32 new beers on my list of 32 Things.  Stewarts have it posted as a bottle special so when you see it grab it and do not let go!  I highly recommend.

Beer # 5


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