The Alchemist

The story is recounted by Count Antoine de C-, and begins with the tale of an old cure that hangs over his family. Antoine’s ancestor was responsible for the death of a dark wizard, Michel Mauvais. The wizard’s son, Charles le Sorcier, swore revenge on not only him but all his descendants, cursing them to die on reaching the age of 32. In the hundreds of years that have since passed the line has dwindled and the once great castle has been left to fall into disrepair. Antoine approaching his 32nd year has never married, devoting his life to the study of the ocult and searching for answers to the curse. Exploring the ruined parts of the castle Antoine discovers the horrible truth behind the mysterious deaths of his ancestors.

The language again from Lovecraft perfectly sculpts the world around the story, every sentence constructs and shapes his flawless vision of the old castle and the journey through it. I love how elegant he writes how each sentence feels fun to read. The story written when he was about 18 years old just is a testament to his skill as a story teller. Influences from Edgar Allan Poe throughout with the gothic and weired enThis is my second Lovecraft story and I am a huge fan!


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