Rating System

My current rating system is out of ten and to be honest has become a bit arbitrary. Thus far scores have been assigned based on how I enjoyed the film, weighing up the pros and cons and how it faired based on movies of a similar elk. After having a look at how some other movie reviewers, such as Elemental Reviews, rate their films I have decided to shake it up and have a less generic grading assigned to the films I watch. Henceforth I will be adopting the academic grading system and assigning each movie a grade from A to F reserving A* for the absolute best and U for the worst travesty’s to ever be committed to film.  You will from time to time notice a + or – attributed to the rating, this is for movies that fall between the cracks.  I will  be working on the back catalogue as to keep my OCD in check and have everything in uniform grading. A dedicated page will stand explaining the meaning behind each grade named The Red Tape to allow for a more logical approach when critiquing a movie.


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