Now You See Me

Four crafty but relatively unknown magicians, Daniel Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg), Henley Reeves (Isla Fisher), Jack Wilder (Dave Franco) and Merritt Osbourne (Woody Harrelson), are united by an all seeing eye and a year later are propelled into fame as “Four Horsemen”. However there is more trickery to the magic shows than first appears when at a sold out Las Vegas crowd find themselves swimming in money apparently stolen from a bank on the other end of the word. Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) an overzealous FBI agent attempts to take them down and uncover the truth in the trickery but always seems to be a step or two behind.

It is very well paces the tricks explained the “magic” made fun. The horse men seem to be on a Robin Hood/Harry Potter under orders from the “mysterious eye”. Hunted by the FBI for crimes they cannot fully prove it is an enjoyable watch. It is enjoyable right up to the point when all the build-up, all the hype and grandeur is popped with a less than satisfying or even clever ending. It is almost as if the writers ran out of ideas, actually it’s almost as if they brought some glue sniffer of the street in to write the last ten minutes. I suppose they done it as a nod towards the camera, “the closer you look the less you see” but for me it was insulting. I sat through an hour and a half for that ending!

Why did I choose this movie? It looked amazing on the trailer and it is right up to the point when it isn’t. It had that Indiana Jones and the temple of the crystal skull feeling, that of taking a huge dump on itself with a ridiculous twist ending. I am glad I didn’t go watch this at the cinema I would have been so pissed off. It has such good people in it too! Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine The Hulk ahh why did it have to end so badly! Spectacular and boring at the same time, easily forgettable and has nothing of substance, give it a miss!

My Rating: F
Format: Download (iTunes)
I Would Not Buy This Movie
Artwork by: Travis English


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