Final Fantasy VII: Costa del Sol

The cargo ship arrives in Costa del Sol, a coastal resort town that also serves as the main port on the western continent. Everyone gets off, Yuffie runs over to talk to one of the locals before joining the group. The mood of the party is strangely uplifted after the encounter with Sephiroth. Teasing Barret about his sailor suit, telling him he looked cute and should keep it for pyjamas. Barret in a huff walks off to get out of his sailor suit, Red XIII and Yuffie follow both not happy in the hot weather. Tifa and Aries run off to go swimming. Cloud leaves the dock, and Shinra’s helicopter lands on the helipad as Rufus and Heideggar get off the ship. Rufus gives Heideggar a telling off for letting not only Sephiroth escape but Cloud and party also. Rufus walks to the helicopter, and Heidegger charges the sailors who are unlucky enough to be close by and vents his anger by throwing them into the ocean. The helicopter takes off.

Costa del Sol is a relaxing resort where the party has a chance to relax for a while, or if the player decides to just leave and keep looking for Sephiroth. Exploring is the only way to go for me, the small details that make this game so immersive and fun. The inn is full of people on holiday, enjoying the heat and relaxing. Further into town Red XIII can be found sitting in the shade, hitting a soccer ball around with two kids. Barret can be found at the town’s inn trying to get out of his sailor outfit. Yuffie has found part time job selling Materia. Entering a nearby house Cloud will catch a man peeking through a keyhole at a girl in the shower, that turns out to be Jonny, remember him from Sector 7 Slums? Seems he has made a life for himself in the sunny resort. I find the small things like bumping into NPC from the start of the game so cool. It furthers the feeling of more stories going on around you within the game.

Walking onto the beach Cloud meets Tifa and Aries who have noticed another old face enjoying the sun at the resort. Professor Hojo, lying in a lounge chair, surrounded by three women in bikinis. The three walk over to talk to him. Hojo explains that he’s enjoying a tan and sometimes needs to get away from it all. On further questioning Cloud Discovers Hojo is on the same goal, finding Sephiroth. Hojo asks Cloud if he has ever had the feeling that something was calling him, or that you had to visit some place. Cloud answers he will follow Sephiroth anywhere he gos. Hojo turning to Aries asks if she was the Anchent, and how her mother Ifalna is. Aries tells him she died, and asks “Is Jenova an Ancient? Is Sephiroth an Ancient? Do we all have the same blood?” at this Hojo closes up and becomes stoic, obviously hiding something, and mumbles “Head West”


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