Edinburgh: 664

I have spent four nights on my own since Clare and Lauren left for America, well I have had Edgar to keep me company. Not that I have always felt totally alone anyway, an empty house doesn’t always feel empty. In the last four days I have had that feeling of not being totally by myself, I have closed more doors than I have opened, and I swear I once saw my reflection blink. Ok I am on pretty heavy mediation for my back pain and it does knock me well out at night and leave me a bit groggy in the morning but still when your dog stares down the hall way at something you can’t see it does leave an unsettling impression on oneself.

I will have company soon enough, my friends from home are coming to stay a weekend, expect loads and loads of cool things to be posted about that! I have stuff planned but then again it is the unplanned adventures that always are the best! Soon after the guys leave Clare and Lauren will be back, hopefully with loads of presents for me! The hunt for a bigger apartment will also be on the cards when they return, we only have a month or so left here and we really should get a move on! It’s kind of exciting although I will miss this place even if it is a little haunted! The nearby parks and canals are the best for waking the dog so where ever we all end up I do hope that it has a nice place for Edgar to explore!


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