Moonraker is the third novel in the James Bond 007 saga by Ian Fleming. Set completely in England, and taking place over 4 days it follows Bond on a personal request by M to look into the dealings of industrialist Hugo Drax who he suspects is cheating at cards, the highest offense in polite English society. Bond humiliates Drax at a game of bridge by cheating the cheater and all seems dealt with but when Bond assigned to work security at the Drax’s Moonraker facility he senses something suspicious and uncovers more than just a card cheat, something much more sinister!

My favourite of the James Bond 007 books so far, which is funny because it’s my least favourite of the movies, but then again this isn’t about the movies! I loved how its split into four days the suspense builds as you read page by page in real time discovering the plot as Bond Snoops about. What I also enjoyed was how the whole thing is not a mission, it is a bad feeling that Bond has about Drax which turns out to be a threat to all of England.  It is different from what you would imagine, and even gives a different outlook on Bond himself, a more human side, vulnerable even. The book reads also like a mystery novel, Bond following in the steps of the agent before. It is a must must must read for Bond Fans.


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