Oddbins: No2

Oddbins No 2 is collaboration with an innovative brewer in Oxfordshire Compass Brewery an Oxfordshire-based brewery dedicated to producing beers with interesting flavour profiles, designed to be enjoyed both on their own and paired with food.  The move to release a second craft beer under the Oddbins name was due to the success of the limited edition Oddbins No1 which was old in the run up to Christmas.

Oddbins No 2 Pale ale is brewed using pale malt, lager malt, Vienna malt, wheat and smoked malt and is described as a “cross between an ale and a lager” by its makers. Very bright clear golden appearance with citrus and hay aromas alongside yeasty bread notes.  The palate is dry with good depth of flavour, citrus and fresh bready biscuit tones .  A real summer beer, would see it perfect for a Barbeque, easy drinking and I would come back to it!  I was able to try this free at a staff and customer tasting at work and I found it a delightful wee beer. Got to hit up Oddbins at the moment if you want to try one, but I would think they will be pushing into other markets soon!  If you do spy it pick one up because they are limited editions!

Beer # 8


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