My first day living back in Northern Ireland and my friends, Keith, Jonny and Andi, in welcoming me home, took me out to cook a barbecue, drink some beer and catch up around a campfire. The wolf pack was one short but Gavin was there in sprit. The weather was not quite the best for a campfire, dense fog mad it treacherous to be walking up a mountain with sheer cliff edges close by, but as always we made do. To be honest though the fog was amazing, standing up the mountain surrounded by a thick barrier or mist was indescribable. It was like how I imagined purgatory to be, bleak and beautiful with each step bringing new wonders into view, your whole surroundings could just change in the blink of an eye.

Finding ourselves a small patch of woodland on our walk we decided to take refuge from the fog and light up a campfire, cook some sausages and have a catch-up over a beer. I want to point out that although we did light a fire in the woods we are very respectful and conscientious woodsmen and kept our campsite safe and clean bringing all of our rubbish back home with us. The conversation stretched through so many topics, fluently switching from serious life conversations to zombie apocalypse onto blogging and then the best way to light a fire. Jonny provided the beer, Keith the sausages, Andy the toasted marshmallows and i provided the wagon wheels which we forgot to eat. It was the best way to welcome a guy home!

Our campfire was amazing, something that I found I had missed so much, and something that we all decided that would be a more regular occurrence. That being said we will come more prepared next time and with plans to go deeper into the wild we will need to be more prepared! I will have to get out my knives hatchet and machetes, not to mention a better pair of boots and a tent in the next few weeks, and maybe even my crossbow!! I had an absolutely amazing evening with my brothers, and there will be more photos to come i am sure.  I cannot wait until the next adventure, there is talk of Slemish and of beach fires, even Operation Tent Peg Part Deux but as long as I have the wolfpack all will be fun!


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