Final Fantasy VII: Mount Corel

The company head west taking a direct route towards the coral mountain range that if you can imagine it, would have some pretty amazing views. There is a huge bridge that spans a waterfall that must be hundreds and hundreds of feet high, water flowing out of what looks like an old volcano. Arriving at the pass leading up to up Mt. Corel itself, they run across an old man. The party stop to talk to the fellow traveller and he seems taken aback that they actually took the time to talk to him, seems a dangerous looking man in a black cape passed by not too long ago and totally ignored him. The team realizing that Sephiroth is just ahead of them start to push on but the old man Cloud and his party continue up Mt. Corel and on past the Mako reactor that sits magnificently at the top of Mount Corel.

They follow the train tracks through the mountains until they encounter a raised bridge. Yuffie, Tifa and Red XII are tired from the journey so Cloud is joined by Aries and Barret in search of a way to cross the river. Crossing the river upstream Cloud finds a shack that lowers the bridge at the other end, allowing the team to reunite and continue into the town of Corel. Upon entering the town Clouds finds Barret in a confrontation with the locals who are less than happy to see him again. Barret runs off after the fight and the team follow where in a flash back he explains that it was his fault the town was destroyed.

Corel’s always been a coal mining town, that is until Scarlet and two Shinra executives visit the town and convince the townspeople to allow them to build a “Mako Reactor”. The town’s people including Barret all agree that Mako is the only hope for the town but Dyne, Barrets best friend is against the change. However out voted Dyne agrees and the Mako reactor go’s ahead. One day Barret and Dyne return to the town which is in flames, apparently there was an explosion at a reactor and Shinra blamed the accident on the people. Said it was done by a rebel faction, and so set the town on fire. Barret blaming himself for the loss of the town and the death of his wife left and has never returned.

The party shocked at this revelation all have sombre tones, telling Barret not to blame himself for trusting Shinra, how he was not to know, and at that time they tricked a lot of people with there lies. However Yuffie has no sympathy and announces that he never should have been so stupid to trust the Shinra! They all get on board the ropeway ship and head up to the Golden Saucer.


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