The Adventure of the German Student

The Adventure of the German Student, is a short story by Washington Irving an author who is best known from his other works such as Sleepy Hollow and rip van winkle, but his other collected works though not as famous could fill a book of their own. This is my first experience of the Irving’s works and I have to say it was a thrilling and creepy introduction.

The Adventure of the German Student is one of many collected in Tales of a Traveller and is narrated by an old man to a group of listeners. The story follows that of a melancholy German student, Gottfried Wolfgang, who travels to Paris during the tempestuous times of the French Revolution in order to finish his studies, but he finds are the dangers of discovering the fires of desire, under the guillotine.

This story has to be discovered for its self, to tell you more of what I think or what it initials would only spoil it. Makes a review somewhat hard to write but if you have a half hour I would sit down and flick through the pages. It has the dark and chilling feel of Edgar Allan Poe, and with the same reveal of horror that you don’t at first expect! Deeper reflection will show the tale or morality most of all the miss treatment of women but at the core for me it was a chilling tale with a sharp ending and a lot of fun!


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