Seven: Cairnhill Get Together

It had been a while since I had last been up to visit my friends Andy and Lynsey, so when they decided to have a little get together I was on board from the start.  It was a few old friends getting together and the perfect opportunity to make some new ones.  Along with Andy and Lynsey who hosted the event Lynsey’s brother Gavin and her friend Judith came along with Gavin and Gemma Adam and myself.  It had been Five years since I had last saw Adam and we picked up our friendship like it was yesterday.  It is a rare thing a friendship like the ones I am blessed so much with, to be able to go months and years without much or any contact and just fall back into how it always was and always will be.  Chatting with Andy and Lynsey over the barbeque it was apparent just how much you take for granted with such friendships, they had never formally invited me to their wedding believing that it was just a given I knew I was going, so to have the formal invitation extended as “…you know you’re going to the wedding don’t you?” was a beautiful example of just how relaxed our friendship is, and how so much can be left unspoken.

We played “swing-ball” I am unsure of the proper name but it’s the one with a ball on a string and a pole and you wack it back and forth.  I was undefeated, granted I played two games, but it still counts.  Gavin and Adam of course taking it to Olympic extremes battled out in the garden almost destroying the game with the powerful swings.  The Barbeque was amazing, the food superb (I brought bacon), and the conversation enthralling funny and deep, catching up with old friends and the meeting of new ones, we all got on like we had always known each other.  Later in the evening we split into teams of Two (Andy & Lynsey, Gavin & Gemma, Gavin & Judith, Adam & Me) and played a twist on the trivial Pursuit Game which had the addition of gambling involved.  It was such a fun time and it was only when the first yawns of sleepy heads began that we realized it was after 2am.

It’s been something I have missed so much, just hanging out with my mates, and looking back on the nights events I do see just how much I have needed the company, and looking forward to what’s to come I realize just how much I’m excited for net time.


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