Seven: Woodland Trek

Saturday began with a scouting trip to find a good spot for a camping trip the fellas and I have been discussing since my return to the shores of Northern Ireland one week ago. Keith and I took to the hills and valleys of the north coast in search of such a campsite yesterday. Deciding the best way to being such an adventure is with a full stomach, something hobbits and dwarves and even wizards would most definitely agree on, we went to the The Sizzling Sausage for a good Ulster Fry! Keith noted that after his Edinburgh Trip he did miss the Haggis from his plate, however vegetable roll sufficed, a delicacy which I have always associated with Ulster and my childhood!

Our first stop was to a Picnic area along the Windy hill Road to browse over ordnances survey maps(above) in order to find a good place for us all to hike and set up camp. No GPS Satellite or smartphone Google maps we do it old-school!We discovered a lot of possible places in the Sperrins but deciding that as I had no proper hiking gear we should leave the real treks for another time.  I also took the time to take a video of the babbling brook (below) and keith took the time to take some behind the scenes footage (also below).

Click the image below to be taken to the video!

Instead we took ourselves on a random journey along the winding roads of the causeway coast until we found a suitable place to begin the hike up a wooded mountain area.  The trek up through the woods was great, not a difficult climb which was good as the scorching heat on by bald head was tempting sunstroke as it was. However the trees made for welcome shade.

After many conversations spanning Zombies, Health and Fitness, Drugs (legal prescription ones) and David Cameron’s current political issues with Europe we arrived at the top to a magnificent sights of the surrounding countryside and the towering behemoth windmills that watched the valley as silent whirling clean energy producing guardians.

Of course at the sight of the wind turbines I immediately began conversations on how Ulster is a floating land in the sky and Keith pondered that the Chinese built them and that they are secretly giant robots primed to stomp through the country at a moment’s notice. Our favourite Windmill was “Turbine number 5” it just had its own majestic elegance towering above us who’s majesty needed to be seen to be believed. The photos really do no justice to the unparalleled beauty of the scene that lay before us, camera phones only capture so much.

The walk home completed our 4 mile round trip in good time and although 90% of the surrounding woodland went unexplored we had a fantastic mini-hike and will return with friends to discover what lies deeper in the woods!


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