A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

A group of high school teenagers discover they are having the same nightmares, nightmares of being pursued by horribly burnt and disfigured man in a red and green sweater, fedora hat and a glove of razors… his name is Freddy Krueger (Jackie Earle Haley). The terror however does not stop at nightmares, when Freddy hurts you in the dream you carry it into reality.  Realizing that there is nowhere to run, and that if Freddy kills you while you sleep you will never wake up the friends delve into their shared past while fighting to stay awake and uncover the truth to the terrifying mystery that now haunts their dreams.

I sat down to watch this movie with a fast beating heart, It may sound silly to anyone but Freddy Kruger and the Nightmare on Elm Street movies terrified me as a kid when I was first made watch them by my cousins. That fear stayed with me and it’s only now about 25 years later that I have managed to sit down and watch one of them again. In fact Freddy Kruger takes the No:2 spot on my Top Five: Horror Movie Villains, so I think I have done well to sit down and be brave. The film is fantastic, the supernatural aspects perfectly woven together with real life horrors the building tension of the movies climax and how anyone at any moment could be killed off. I knew the story but it was far from the 1980s affair I remembered. While the general plot is the same as the 1984 movie, the remake/reboot focuses more on the child molesting aspects that the original storyline left out, opting to switch Freddy to a child killer to avoid exploitation of the then current spate of highly publicized cases around the time of production. the cinematography is amazing, how the aspects of the movie changes when filtering between the real and waking world just increased the supernatural spookiness, and was done so well that you really could not tell when they were dreaming or not.

Why did I choose this movie? Well I guess its all about facing a fear, I had planned to watch it when it first arrived at the cinema in 2010 but chickened out. Sitting down to watch it four years later I thought “time to be brave” and I am glad that I did! It made me realize that the fears of a child are much removed from that of an adult, and I actually really enjoyed it. It is the type of scary movie that makes you enjoy being frightened, it’s not the terrifying experience that haunted my childhood, most likely one propagated by my older cousins. The jumps and the scares where fun, and the cinematography like I said was outstanding.

Rating: B+
Format: Cinema Download(AmazonPrime)
I Would Buy This Movie
Artwork by: James Random


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