32 Things: Visit Edinburgh Dungeons

The stag weekend last Saturday the 5th of July afforded me the opportunity to visit the Edinburgh Dungeons which is on my 32 Things list . Alan, Graham, Neil and I all had lengthy discussions on which tour we would actually attend. There are so many different tours but we managed to agree on the Underground City of the Dead tour that is located outside St. Giles Cathedral along the Royal Mile. The tour would consist of a short walk around the immediate area talking about the history of Edinburgh leading up to the first creation of the underground city.

Our tour guide was Gerry (with a G) and he was from beginning till end, immeasurably entertaining, funny and engaging the whole group. No easy task when it’s a mixture of nationalities so I tip my Flat cap to him. Gerry was class, and I really do think we lucked out getting him as a guide, he made the whole experience not just entertaining but informative as well with the right balance of humour and history, science and the supernatural.

The Underground City or the Vaults where unsettlingly creepy and made worse the conditions described the people lived in down there. Covered in filth and disease living with murders, rapists and body snatchers, its near impossible to even imagine. The creepy tales of the supernatural was not at the forefront of the tour, which I am glad. Gerry however combined science with the supernatural in a way that the tales hit home even harder, and when he did turn off the lights I felt a very real chill craw up my spine. I would go again in a heartbeat!


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