Cooking: Rib Eye Steak

Part of my 32 Things is to cook a meal perfectly I have decided that Steak will be my meal of choice when attempting this feat of gastronomic perfection. Now a lot more will go into this meal than just the meat, so I shall be practicing my culinary exploits and opening up a new chapter on the flat cap called “Cooking”. I am not the world’s best cook, to be honest in the past two years that I lived in Edinburgh I was more of an onlooker in the kitchen if not a demon with the peeler! However I do think I picked up a few wee things from the Master Chef Clare Taylor. This is my first recorded attempt at cooking steak, potatoes and vegetables for myself.

I picked up this gorgeous cut of Rib Eye Steak from McAtamneys butchers in Coleraine. It cost £5.76 and I also joined up to their Customer Loyalty Card as I will be buying loads of meat from them in the weeks and months to come. The cooking equipment in my house is not really the best, I need to go and invest in a good griddle pan, but I made do with what I had on hand. I decided to Grill rather than fry the steak, due to my lack of good pan, and a quick 3 and a half minutes on each side was all it took for a medium rare bounty that you see below accompanied by baby potatoes, peas, sweetcorn and a gorgeous malt whisky Smokehead.

It was not a bad attempt I think, tasted amazing! The next goal is practicing the extras, shredded cabbage with bacon, mustard mash or steamed asparagus. I will also try out a few different cuts of meat when I become more experienced with cooking, possibly get bigger more expensive cuts! Dinner at mine will be tasty and fun!


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