Final Fantasy VII: The Golden Saucer.

The Gold Saucer is a towering amusement park built over the ruins of Old Corel. The party purchase tickets to the park moving on through the entrance, they find themselves in the central hub of Gold Saucer, called the Station. Aries trying to break the tension suggests that they take a quick break and have some fun, however Barret is not in the mood and swearing at them all he disappears into that park alone. Cloud chooses one member of the group to accompany him, and together they set off to explore Gold Saucer. I found it hard to decide who to take with me but in the end opted for Aries.

Exploring the rest of the Gold Saucer, you’ll discover that Shinra soldiers are snooping around, looking for Sephiroth. Deciding to keep a low profile Cloud and Aries head into the Wonder Square. Here they encounter Cait Sith, a cat riding a giant stuffed toy moogle, working as a would be fortune-teller. Offering to tell your fortune Cloud asks if fortuning telling is all he can do and Cait Sith tells them he can find missing things and missing people too. Cloud asks if he can tell him where a man called Sephiroth is. Cait Sith shakes about on his Moogle a bit and then hands Cloud his fortune “What you pursue will be yours. But you will lose something dear.” With this ominous fortune Cait Sith joins the party stating that he could not relax unless he knows how it all will turn out!

Continueing through the park Cloud Aries and Cait Sith encounter a Shinra SOLDIER who collapses and rolls down the stairs towards them dead. Cloud running past Battle Square where they find a bunch of dead bodies. One of the guards tells Cloud and the others who have now caught up it was the handiwork of “a man with a gun on for an arm”. Dio, the proprietor of the Gold Saucer, shows up and promptly blames carnage on the only people still standing. Cait Sith makes a dash for freedom, but after following him, the party is trapped. Dio and his henchmen then summon three large robots that throw you and your allies through the ‘Gateway to Heaven’ to a desolate area, the Corel Prison, which lies at the base of the Gold Saucer


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