Music: Introduction

Have you ever just heard a song and it has described exactly how you are feeling?  It’s an amazing feeling.  It does not matter wither the song is happy, sad, rocking or chilled what is important is the feeling that someone out there understands you at that particular moment in time.  I have on many occasions listened to a song and it has perfectly described exactly how I am feeling, the lyrics almost word for word, as if it had been writing especially for me.  Other times a song will describe something that I want, or how I want someone to think of me.  Music is nostalgia, it has a way of bringing the past very much into the present, or transporting you back to the times when that song meant so much and reminding you of why it always will.   This section is for all of those tunes that we at the Flat Cap want to share with you, wither it be a song we love, a music video we enjoy or a tune that reminds us of a person, time or place here is where it will be shared.


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