Transformers: Age of Extinction

Five years have passed since the epic Autobot and Decepticon battle that devastated Chicago in Transformers Dark Side of the Moon and the population of Earth has had enough of all alien robots!  So Harold Attinger (Kelsey Grammer), a robot hating CIA agent, establishes a badass taskforce which includes to hunt them all down Autobot and Decepticon alike.  Foreseeing the danger that humans now pose Optimus Prime orders his Autobots to go into hiding.  However when Cade Yeager(Mark Wahlberg) buys an old truck that turns out to be a Transformer his life and the life of his “Hot Teenager” daughter Tessa (Nicola Peltz) is turned upside-down. The sinister conspiracy between the government and  that could mean the extinction of all life on earth.

I have not been a fan of any of the Transformers sequels, they all went downhill very fast after the first one, and the third was just destruction porn.  Walking into this the fourth and first of a new trilogy was with a hope that Michael bay bringing would reign it in and give us a decent story to follow.  No, No he did not do that, if anything he went even further out there.  Throwing more attention to action and destruction that believable characters.  I mean in a movie where we can accept a species of sentient, cybernetic alien robots but struggle to relate to the human characters goes to show how little thought was put into their creation. The plot hints at more than what its able to deliver, a mythology to the Transformers origin and the mysterious Creators but it has that Prometheus feeling of why do they want their creations dead all of a sudden.  It just has too many transformer sized potholes for me to actually enjoy, the only saving grace was Stanley Tucci the humour that he brought to the movie was all that made it worthwhile.

Why did I choose this movie?  It was Jonathan who chose it, and asked Keith and I to come along with him. Then of course he wasn’t sure if he would make it, but he did, and I’m sure he wish he had not.  It is a protracted, tedious, incoherent and a complete Shambles of a movie. I believe that  Keith put it best “When communist China are the good guys you really have to wonder how bad the movie is”.  It is action for actions sake, crazing editing and chaotic pacing. It felt like three and a half hours of TV adverts with the amount of product placement and though the special effects where amazing it shouldn’t be the focus of your entire movie!  It will be the big summer blockbuster, but its not got a lot of substance.

Rating: E-
Format: Cinema (Movie House: Coleraine)
I Would Not Buy This Movie


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