Go Karting: Gavins Day

On Saturday I had the honour of being invited to the stag do of an old school friend. I jumped at this chance upon finding out that we would be going go-karting. I love go-karting and as ever get very competitive, this time it was no different. The rush of blood, the feeling of
sliding around the corners and the feeling of the wind in my……… ehh well the feeling. It was a real high.  This high was even more felt as I went past each of the other drivers to claim 1st on 4 of the 6 occasions as can be seen by my laptimes:
My Lap Times and Position

1.       18.938      1st
2.       18.168      1st
3.       18.318      1st
4.       18.235      2nd
5.       18.840      4th
6.       18.732      3rd

Top Laps of the Day

1st           Charlie               17.824
2nd          Gavin                 18.168
3rd           Scott                  18.380
4th           Keith                  18.394
5th           Philip                 18.592
6th           Brendan            18.981
7th           Alan                    19.131

Whilst in first place on the grid I kept up the mantra “I’m number 1” only to be pipped at the post by a more deserving driver. This crushing result will make me come back smaller, leaner, badder and better than ever.  The only complaint I would have about this trip was the time management but as parties moved on this got much better. Kudos to the Best Man Scott for arranging this fun day out.


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