Go Karting: Keith’s Day

Having brought shame on my family, Queen and country. This is a difficult post to write.

My overall third place position came as something of a blow. My usual prowess in driving was overshadowed by far better go karters on the day. I could blame the automatic engines, or narrow track with too many bends – ultimately the failure was with the driver not the vehicle.

My Lap Times and Position

1.       20.462      2nd
2.       18.555       3rd
3.       19.703      2nd
4.       18.394      2th
5.       18.638      2nd
6.       18.807      4th

Top Laps of the Day

1st           Charlie               17.824
2nd          Gavin                 18.168
3rd           Scott                  18.380
4th           Keith                  18.394
5th           Philip                 18.592
6th           Brendan            18.981
7th           Alan                    19.131

It falls on me to accept responsibility for the poor result and endeavour to do better next time. Either that, or to physically harm the other drivers to ensure victory.

I’ll decide on that one at a later date.


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