The year is 2077 and Sixty years have passed since the alien invasion of earth.  The scavengers forced to leave their own dying planet they came to take ours. It began with the destruction of the moon which threw earth into chaos.  Earthquakes toppled cities within hours. Tsunamis wipe down what we made. Then came the invasion.  Humanity faceing extention done the only thing they colud, they used the Nukes. Winning the war, but loosing the planet.  What remained of humanity had to leave the earth and live on the space station TET before the migration to Titan, Saturn largest moon. Everyone is there now. Well… Almost everyone.  Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) works with his companion Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) on the surveillance station Tech 49, the mop up crew who fix and repair Drones who defend the while earths few remaining resources are mined before the final departure to Titan. They receive instructions from Sally (Melissa Leo), who is located on the space station Tet and are  an “Effective Team”.  Due to a security process their memories have been erased but Jack is haunted of dreams of a life that cannot be his own.  He dreams of a mysterious woman Julia (Olga Kurylenko) at the Empire State Building in the past when Earth was habitable. Witnessing a spacecraft crashing, Jack goes to investigate and what he discovers makes him begin to question everything he knows about his mission the invasion and his very being.

This one’s going to be hard to review because I believe that the less you know about this movie the more you will enjoy it. Oblivion is based on Joseph Kosinski’s unpublished graphic novel of the same name.  The flim was also co-written, produced and directed by Kosinski so this pretty much is his baby.  I went into the knowing nothing but it was a Tom Cruise Si-Fi action movie that critics slated.  I am glad that I didn’t know a thing about it because its what made every step so appealing.  You follow the story with Jack, pretty much the whole way through and you uncover everything right along with him.  The story moves on with a good pace and twists are introduced in such a way that allow you to become wrapped up in the story without being totally mind-fucked.

Why did I chose this movie?  Well I missed it at the cinema and it was on my watch list so last night I had a sit down and put it on.  I found it to be much more than just a Si-F movie, it had a lot of heart and even some thought proving philosophical questions.  This is the sort of movie that Tom is good at, yes it was a walk for him but it felt more his style, and I enjoyed watching him in the role and he carried the movie very well. I don’t know what his deal is however at always playing a guy called Jack.  The special effects where perfect, all there in the right places for the right reasons and everything looked the part it played.  The soundtrack is epic, I instantly downloaded it after watching the movie, and almost Inception meets Tron feeling.  It is a real entertaining movie definitely one I would watch again.

Rating: B
Format: Download (I-Tunes)
I Would Buy This Movie
Artwork by: Clarence JF Chen


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