I was asked a while back to be my mate Alan’s best man, I thought at the time aye why not easy enough wee gig and I have a lot of time to prepare.  I took the University approach to preparing a speech in that I have left it until the day before it was due to begin.   However I think that a fast and fluid speech is better than anything that I could of planned out, and since most of my plans don’t go as planned it was maybe best I wasn’t allowed to, remember I am the guy who managed to get dates mixed up on both stag dos, and I was the one who planned them!  Still it’s all down for better or worse it’s done.  Six and a half pages, mostly bullet pointed, about what I want to say about my friend on his wedding day.  I will practice it a little but really I will just take my time, no big rush to speed through it.

It is amazing to be included in such a big way in their wedding day, I feel more than honoured I feel blessed.  It has been hard sometimes, I have to admit that, being a best man after coming out of a relationship that I once thought would end in married bliss.  Alan and Donna are not the only couple of my friends to be planning out the rest of their lives together, Andy and Lynsey also will be tying the knot in two weeks’ time.  I look at my friends who are so happy and content in the life they have made together and I wonder if such a lasting love will ever find its way to my heart.  I wonder if I will ever be so lucky in life to have something as honest and pure as unconditional love, then I think all love is unconditional.  The heart wants what the heart wants, we have no control over who holds it we can only hope that those that do find it in their care cherish it and keep it safe.

I love weddings, love getting dressed up, love the speeches and the carry on, I love the grub the photos and meeting new people and making new friends.  Tomorrow will be a wonderful day, my friend says yes to the beginning of a life with the woman of his dreams, and I get to be a part of that. I haven’t known Donna for long, living in Edinburgh for the past two years meant that when I was home it was only flying visits but she makes him happy, as he does her.  That’s all you really need in life, someone who makes you happy, someone who takes the best along with the worst of you.  Someone who can grow with you, your constant, your guiding star, your true north.  Someone whose arms you can call home.


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