10K Training: August 25th

After completing my 5K run as part of  my 32 Things I have decided to get the training on for a 10K run this however means training a little bit harder than I have been of late.  In my endeavour to get fit enough for the run I have decided to keep a log of the routes I have been running and mark my progress.  It has been a while since I have posted a run, this however does not mean I have been sitting on my fat ass.  The route below shows my run around the ring roads and into town where I then went to the swimming pool and swam a few laps.


The distance is 3.13 Km and it took me 21 minutes with an average running speed of around 5.5 MPH.  It was a good run, though harder up that long slow hill than I thought.  The run back down into town was all down hill so maintaining speed was key.  I gotta keep the running up start to plan my 10k.


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