Sixty-Seven: A Catch Up Part One

Boom.. so this is a bit of an update about the happenings over the past week. I will start with the wedding which was last Thursday and move onto Neil’s Birthday party which was the Saturday that followed.  So to begin with lets hit up this wedding!

Alan and Donnas wedding last week was absolutely amazing. I had such a great time.  Day started up with a fry at Sizzling Sausage then we got suited and booted cracked open a wee cold one before heading to the church.  Alan was in good form, nervous but his own addition he didn’t know why.  I think it was the formality and possibility of mixing up his words and possibly the thought of the speech later.  I reminded him that it was his day after all and that all he had to do was turn up, say what he’s told, go get a few photos taken, stand up say a few nice things in a speech and then party.  That’s pretty much how the day went!  I found that the best way to stop Alan getting nervous was to keep him laughing, so any time I could whisper stupid jokes to him I would.  The trip to the church was fun, I took to waving out the window like the queen, I’m not sure if this embarrassed Richard or not but he was laughing so all was good and we arrived at the church for some pre wedding photos before the bridal party arrived.

The wedding ceremony went off without a hitch, Donna looked magnificent and the grins of that girl the whole way up the aisle was infectious.  Alan too was full of smiles, all nerve evaporating at the sight of his bride.  The bridal party took their places with the groom’s party at the front of the church for the wedding ceremony and following that we signed the register.  It was then that the photos began, I won’t spoil anything but they look amazing.  Donna’s bridal photos within the church will be especially wonderful from what I have seen.  The crack began for the wedding crew at this point, myself and groomsman Richard along with bridesmaids Kelly and Karen all had the best of laugh in the cars on the journey up to Row Valley Country Park where the photos would be taken.  Again I won’t spoil anything for you but they are a perfect mix of photos that blend in to what the wedding day was, which is to say fun!

The wedding reception was when I finally got the nerves, I was fine right up until the point until that microphone went into my hand and then I thought great all eyes on me and since I couldn’t, or wasn’t allowed to, get naked I had to stand up and say some nice and teasing things about my friend.  My speech was half written half winged.  It’s hard to get a feel of a room when you really don’t know anyone in it.  In all Alan and Donna were happy so that’s all that mattered.  Once all speeches had been done we could all relax and get stuck down to dinner. I ate so much that I had to sneak of in the interim between dinner and party to take a nap, however being discovered by Kelly and Karen I was  shook out of my slumber and dragged  onto the dance floor where I pretty much stayed for the remainder of the night.  Dancing like a nutcase and making friends.

Its what jumps out at me about the whole day, the feeling of family and friendship, how I felt so included in both.  It is the most fantastic of feelings.  I made so many new friends, and I know the Best man has it somewhat easy at weddings I just was astounded by the kindness of everyone there, dancing with everyone, being my normal silly self.  For as many new friends I made I had old ones there too.  Neil and Graham from the stag sat at the same table during the after party along with their respective partners Rebecca and Linda.  We had such a good laugh nattering away and messing about, I was of course getting drunker and drunker with my double Glen Fiddich so some of the details fog out by 11pm.  Being pretty much the only single guy at the wedding was a little lonely, but it’s easy shook of when you are making so many new friends.  I want to party with those people again and soon!


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