Sixty-Seven: A catch Up Part Two

Boom.. so this is the second instalment of my update on all of the happenings over the past week. I started with the wedding which was last Thursday and now I am moving onto Neil’s Birthday party which was on  Saturday past.  So hitting up Neils 32 birthday party here we go

I arrived down at Neil’s for about six, dropping my bottle of wine in the fridge we headed up to get his little brother Gavin from work.  Good old crack being in the car with Neil, he hates every other thing on the road both in front and behind him. The spin up and down took no time at all but the wait for that fella to get his hair done was another story.  I had myself a wee Chippy while waiting and then thanked god for Neil’s hair dryer as I spilt butter all over my black jeans, looked like someone had cum all up my leg, so I had to take a towel and pretty much scrub my jeans clean and dry them with the hair dryer.  Bad luck followed when I realized that Neil being a heathen has no corkscrew and I had to work out how to open my wine.  Nothing else for it but to push the cork down into the wine I sat down with the growing number of guests to begin the party.  Im going to let myself down with names but I’ll give it a bash … fuckit actually I cant. I only remember half so ill not even attempt it.

Good bunch of dudes and dudettes though. Had a few jelly shots and a drinking game which I bust my lip open trying to do, seems I’m just too old…  Soon enough we were all on our way down to the port for a wee night out. Its at this point the memory gets jumbled, I cant say what order stuff came in but it was a mix of drinking dancing on the podium with my pal Andi and more drinking.  I think that’s the key to Havanna… being wasted.  I have been there a few times this year and I have hated each and every time, but last Saturday night was alright.  I just done my thing didn’t give a shit how I  was looking, just had a laugh.  I nattered away to everyone who I met and who would listen.  I even made friends with a cat on my walk home.  It had three legs and I named it champion.  It was a good wee night and I hope to get out partying with Neil, Rebecca and their buddies again soon!



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