Memory Monday: The Garden Jumpers Chase

I have been having a look through some of my old belongings that have been in storage for the better part of a decade now and stumbled upon a few old stories that I wrote when I was a kid.  When I say kid I mean twelve maybe thirteen and when I say stories I mean real stuff that happened when I was younger.  This is a sort of precursor to my journals that would come later in my teenage years and develop more into my adult life.  I would sit down and quickly write about a story about some adventure that we had.  This is one of those stories.

The Garden Jumpers Chase

One night of my summer holidays the gang Gerard, Brendan, Neil, Chris and I were walking around as normal having a chat and laughing with each other. When we bumped into a group of older boys whom for some reason or another wanted to beat us up.  We did not have the numbers to stand or the fighting skills to win, we did have the smarts to run, so run we did.  Heading down a back ally towards The Ledge which ran from the shops to Avonbrook but as there where people in the gardens we would have been caught so Gerard Brendan Neil and I jumped the fence into an empty back garden thinking Chris was following down behind us.  As we got across the garden we froze hearing a banging and scraping on the wooden fence behind us, looking to see if the other gang had followed us we managed to see Chris’s head pop up followed by a foot shouting “help me boys I cant get over”.  Just as we returned to help him half a dozen pairs of hands grabbed him and pulled him down off the fence as he yelled “Run boys save yourselves”.  Chris is the youngest of our friends and we knew than none of the older boys would have touched him.  Chris could always turn the water works on and it was us who they were after so we ran on and left him in the safe knowledge that he wasn’t going to get hurt. True enough by the time we had made it through the long line of connecting back gardens, hopping fences from one to another, Chris had met us on the other side.  Chris told us that the group had followed him and where not far behind so Gerard and I continued on to The Ledge 2 which ran along the second line of houses from Avonbrook to Maybrook while the others split up and took small back alleys.  The Ledge 2 is hard as it runs right close to gardens with dogs in them and the only way off it is to run over a flat roofed garage at the end but Gerard and I Made it through in the end and safely made our way home.

It’s so funny to read over this maybe 20 years after it was written, I have no idea who it was who was after us that night but it was not like we were in any real danger.  It was a game they liked to chase us we liked to run.   I do remember this night so clearly though, Neil and i have recently talked about it.  The silly stuff we done as young teenagers the fun we had together, expect more stories soon!


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