From Russia with Love

width=From Russia with Love is the fifth novel in the James Bond 007 saga by Ian Fleming.  In this novel Bond is targeted for elimination by the Russian intelligence agencies.  In order to lure Bond to his death, the Russians have enlisted the help of a beautiful woman to seduce the famous spy. The book contains a series of extravagant plots and counterplots, between the British and the Russian intelligence agencies which grip you and drag you into the story. It also makes mention of the previous encounters Bond has had with the agents of SMERSH in Casino Royale and Live and let die, which I found drew me in deeper and encapsulated the history of his missions so far.

What I loved bout this book is for the first half of it Bonds not in it, it is all about how they SMERSH plan on killing him, setting up the act to follow and focusing more on the “bad guy”.  It is not until the second part when the “Execution” of the plan is set into motion and we find 007 enter the stage.   This style makes you read and read waiting to get to Bond how they will attack and how if ever he will get away. It is full of rich and vibrant characters good, evil and indifferent. It is my second favourite in the saga so far, but many fans believe it’s the best of the lot. It will leave you on a thumping ending as well!


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