Memory Monday: Our Day up the Train Tracks

I have been having a look through some of my old belongings that have been in storage for the better part of a decade now and stumbled upon a few old stories that I wrote when I was a kid.  When I say kid I mean twelve maybe thirteen and when I say stories I mean real stuff that happened when I was younger.  This is a sort of precursor to my journals that would come later in my teenage years and develop more into my adult life.  This is one of those stories.

Our Day up the Train Tracks

One night of my summer holidays the gang Gerard, Brendan, Neil, Chris, Pudsy, Philip, Gaz, Steven and I all decided to take a walk up the train tracks.  We each packed a lunch and a ruck sack and headed walking up the playing fields towards the main road that lead to the Loughan.  We walked up the road and when we got to the chip van we stopped for lunch.  After lunch we snuck down the hill that lead onto the train tracks and walked through the long tunnel.   There was only one way in and one way out and if the train came we would be stuck so we felt the rails before we went inside to check if the train was near.  Thinking it was of we went in to the long dark tunnel.  Walking further up the track we started to sing Stand by Me as our adventure was much like the one on the movie.  We all came to a dangerous place where thorns had grown up along each side of the tracks so if the train came we couldn’t just jump off to the sides like we could have before.  We felt the tracks again before proceeding through the trap.  Not long after the train came so we all ran towards the bridge knowing we could climb up under where it arched.  Pudsy jumped up first along with Gerard, helping me to lift Philip and Chris up while the others climbed up the opposite side.  At the very last moment I swung Gaz up to Pudsy who caught him before jumping up the wall myself.  The train almost hit me, it was so close and the others on the opposite side didn’t know if I had made it at all.  We spent the rest of the day walking up in more safer parts, laughing and flattening penny’s on the track as the trains rolled past.  The trains never came close like they did after the bridge incident.  It was very lucky as any one of us could have been killed.  After a little break we decided to walk home along the main road as we thought it safer over all.  The whole day was amazing.

I have to say that I do not advise anyone to play on the train tracks, this was very dangerous 20 years ago when you could hear the noisy trains and see the black smoke from the diesel powered engines from a good ways off never mind todays hi tech silent running and much faster trains.  Please do not try this one, we were very silly and very lucky.   I do remember this day and as dramatic as it sounded it was really that close we all had a fright. Expect more stories soon!


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