Memory Monday: What type of person I am

I recently have been rummaging around in a box of my old things and found an old year 8 (First Year) English work book from school.  I wondered why I ever would have kept such a thing until I opened it and read the gold contained inside.  This is just one of the extracts!

What type of person I am
by Scott Doherty

I am a normal school boy age 12 and I live a normal life. I have brown hair and eyes with a healthy complexion and an oval shaped face.  I am 4’6 feet tall and 5.5 stone with an energetic slim build.  I have scars on many parts of my body like on my arm and on my leg.  I never know when to be quiet.  I like sports such as swimming.  I am quick tempered, annoying, stubborn and moody.  I am funny, helpful and friendly.  I get annoyed when people accuse me of things in the wrong and I have a loud voice.  I am smart and polite and athletic.  I like climbing trees and walls.  My favourite time of day is night because you can go to bed.  I like TV and videos, action, horror, Si-Fi and thrillers.  I like girls who are older than me because I get on with them better.  I like small children because I can make them laugh.  I don’t like an untidy room but I don’t like to tidy it so my mum does it when she is in a good mood or when I am made to yyuch!

I am still laughing at this there is so much to comment on!  It seems we were given homework to write about the type of person we are.  There is no date on the page but judging from the other dates before and after its sometime in mid to late October 1993.  That is mental!  In the twenty one year’s that’s have followed not much has changed, other than becoming a little taller and a lot heaver.  I also still can’t spell “Quiet”, in the book its spelt “Quite”.  If any of you get texts from me I will tell you I have to actively think about this! More to come soon!


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