Children Who Chase Lost Voices

Children Who Chase Lost Voices is a Japanese Anime film created and directed by Makoto Shinkai.  I watched this movie not knowing anything about it and find it hard to summarise the plot because of it. This movie really is something you must discover for yourself but in essence and in its most basic form it is a coming of age story centring on a young girl Asuna who spends her after school hours in a special place listening to strange music on a crystal radio.  When Asuna is rescued by a mysterious boy Shun, she is drawn into a larger world more ancient and mysterious than she could ever dream of.  The story about young love and a mourning husband leads Asuna and her teacher Mr. Morisaki deep into a hidden world beneath the earth on an adventure to find what was once lost to them both.

It is a completely different movie experience watching a subtitled anime movie, reading while watching and listening all merge together and it becomes almost instinctive.  It is my first real experience with this genre and I was instantly captivated by the complexity and beauty of the story and art in which is visualized.  You are instantly drawn into this world, immersed totally in artwork of unimaginable beauty.  The stunning detail that is put into every scene from sprawling vistas to the wind blowing though the grass is subtle and mesmerizing.  The music is graceful and tender fitting each scene perfectly coupled with the voices which are in Japanese I found myself unable and unwilling to look away.  The visionary is astounding, completely otherworldly and new and instantly familiar and ancient.  Some of my friends hear the words subtitled and are instantly turned off but I will say this to you all now, don’t be.  If you give this the attention it deserves you will be carried deep into a journey that will take you through a plethora of emotions.

Why did I chose this movie?  I had been wanting to watch this for months now but I knew as it was subtitled It was not the type of film I could just put on.  I needed to wait until I was ready to really watch it and I am so glad that I did.  Giving this film the attention it deserved I was immensely rewarded. It is a stunning work of art and it moved me more than I can say.  I truly believe I watched this at the right time, because it spoke to me, silly as that may sound but it did.   It is a touching and captivating journey about the meaning of friendship, of love and loss, truth and mistrust, but most importantly of letting go and saying goodbye.  It is a movie that I know when I watch again I will find something new, its altogether a book and a movie and I urge all of you to watch it at some point when you have a quiet evening to yourself.

Rating: A
Format: Blu-ray
I Own This Movie


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