Memory Monday: Our Adventure…The Last Crusade?

I have been having a look through some of my old belongings that have been in storage for the better part of a decade now and stumbled upon a few old stories that I wrote when I was a kid.  When I say kid I mean twelve maybe thirteen and when I say stories I mean real stuff that happened when I was younger.  This is a sort of precursor to my journals that would come later in my teenage years and develop more into my adult life.  This is one of those stories.

Our Adventure…The Last Crusade?

One night of my summer holidays the gang Gerard, Brendan, Neil, Chris, and I all decided to have another adventure.  We went and packed a bag full of food and drink before setting off into the wild unknown.  We started at the fields near Chris’s house.  We walked up close to the building site where we found a long concrete tunnel in the ground.  We sat inside the pipe and Brendan got a rope out of his bag and tied it to my waist and I headed down into the pipe.  Gerard stood behind me as we walked down into the pitch black.  He kept talking about IT which was freaking us both out.  With no end to the tunnel in sight and the entrance becoming a smaller point of light behind us we walked back into the open air again.  We walked further up to the building site where we got into a house to eat our lunch.  As we left a man came up shouting at us saying that if we came into his site again he would kick the shite out of us.  We said we would burn his site to the ground and called him a baldy bastard, he then chased us so we climbed up an electric pylon as far up as we could, which was pretty dam high.  The man then left in his car so we ran away quickly as we could.  We walked up the fields laughing and carrying on, having a good old mess about.  We walked through a field with cattle and another with a bull in it.  The bull started to chase me as I was wearing red, it was kicking its feet and bucking about like mad.  I had to jump over a fence to get away from it, falling into a ditch a good six feet down but it was better than being trampled on.  We walked home soon after stopping to put sheep bones on a fence to make it look like it was standing up.  It was a really good fun day!

It really is funny reading back on this story, what a bunch of little shits we were.  The building site house we just got in through the garage and we didn’t break anything but the cheek we gave that man was awful, even if he was threatening a bunch of kids. The wearing red and the bull chasing me is true but I think it was just because we pissed the poor beast off by being in its field. The tunnel though was a frightening experience.  I am mortally scared of clowns and the tunnel was like ITs lair.  Expect more stories soon!


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