200th Post

The big 200th post here on the Flat Cap today and I want to thank you guys who read  and my cohorts for contributing to it.  This has always been a little outlet for the ponderings and ramblings of my head and it has been a joy to share it all with you!  The Flat Cap turned a year old last month, It flew in so quick I never had a chance to make a point of saying or marking the occasion so Happy Freaking Belated birthday to The Flat Cap.  In the last Six months since post 100 things have exploded here, the cohorts have been hard at work and the posts have become more diverse and far reaching.   The “32 Things” list has been hit a little by the swift and sudden move away from Edinburgh, however I do think I can get it all done in the coming Six months with only a few changers here and there. If I can say anything about the past Six months it is that everything can change in the blink of an eye.  It still astounds me to think back to where I was then to where I am now, both geographically and spiritually.  How quickly one thing can turn into another and how fast ones close friends can become strangers is truly heart-breaking.  Looking forward to where I will be in the next Six months or as I will most likely mark it in the next 100 posts is anyone’s guess.  I hope that this little blog of mine will continue to develop into something much bigger and continue to be the grounding force that allows me to vent out the creative forces of myself and my cohorts!


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