Memory Monday: A Little Birthday Card

I have a treasure trove of memories stuffed away in a box under my bed.  Mostly small trinkets, old letters, stones, sea shells and the like.  The sort of stuff that is a memory of a day or occasion that and that can instantly bring me back to a place long ago.  The item I want to tell you all about today is a little birthday card that I received for my 16th birthday, I have uploaded the photos below.  It was given to me by Jenny Laverty, now Jenny Doherty my brother’s wife, Cheryl Pollock, now Cheryl Pollock-Henry, Jenny’s cousin Claire McCaw and Martina Ferris.

The birthday wishes on the card I think are easily read and tell their own little story of what was going on in my life 16 and a half years ago, literally half a lifetime ago! It is the sort of we card that’s easily lost but not for putting it some place safe and I’m truly glad that I did.  I can’t remember much of my birthday other than my cake consisted of 16 jam doughnuts, which was good because no one else liked jam doughnuts!  So much has changed since then, things that at that age you would never of thought possible.  Jenny and I are not only still very good mates but also my sister in law!  Where the next 16 years will take us is anyone’s guess, its seriously epic to think of who where where then and who we are now and what we will always mean to each other.


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