When You See My Friends (Acoustic)  – Mayday Parade

I don’t know why but I feel I had best start with saying this song won’t be to everyone’s liking. It is pretty much a song about the ending of a complicated relationship, but the lyrics have deeper connotations.  The song is beautifully heart-breaking, and the acoustic version is beautifully performed.  I have read various times that it is about the girl self-harming.  However it has also been said that the boy committed suicide rather than the girl, and the “when you see my friends tell them hi for me” is because he’s dead so he can’t. It is one of those songs we can listen to and drag a different meaning from each time. To me I think it is a song about a girl has been changing and the relationship isn’t going where the boy expected it to.

Artist: Mayday Parade
Song: When You See My Friends
Album: Mayday Parade
Released: October 4, 2011


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