Doug Loves Movies

Doug Loves Movies is a comedy podcast hosted by Doug Benson, an American stand-up comedian and actor.  The Podcast has been going since 2006 but I have only just stumbled across it, and I cannot get enough.  I thought it was a movie review podcast and it kinda is in a general way but it is so much more.  Doug gets guests on normally actors and/or friends and they just chat about movies and have a laugh playing games and messing about.  Recorded in front of a live audience who get involved by making name tags which the guests then pick and play for during the games section of the show.

The Games

The Leonard Maltin Game: Best described as “Name That Tune” but with movies instead of songs. The guest are given hints to a movie and asked to guess it based on the clues.  All clues are from  Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide.

Doing Lines with Mark:  Daniel Van Kirk recites a film quotes as Mark Wahlberg; and either a contestant or an audience member must name the film where the quote is taken from.  I like to think that it is actually Mark Wahlberg.

Build a Title: In this game you name a movie and then the next person uses the first or last word of that title to build upon.  Example: Die Hard, Die Hard Rain, Live and let Die Hard Rain, Live and Let Die Hard Rain Man, Live and let Die Hard Rain, Live and Let Die Hard Rain Man of Steel.

How Much Did This Shit Make?: Which is like the price is right but with how much a movie made according to IMDB.

The Seth Rogen Game (A.K.A. Last Man Stanton): In which an audience member will name an actor or director with a large body of work and the guests take turns to name movies they are in until they can’t and are put out.

Other features of the game include Tweet Relief: Tweets About Movies, Watch This/Not That, Not for Emetophobes, Name a Movie, A-B-C-Deez Nuts, Lincoln or Bane?, Love, Like, Hate, Hate-Like, F Marry Kill: Movies, and From the Corrections Department.  Its worth checking out, it has me in stitches when I listen to it and I have went through so many over the past couple weeks!  You can find the website Doug Loves Movies and also subscribe via ITunes or whichever device you use!


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