Word of the Day: Pantheon

Pantheon is pretty much a word used to describe a group or club but now that I know it I shall for ever more use it when referring to my group of friends.  It was H.P. Lovecraft’s use of the word Pantheon when talking about the Great Old Ones that brought it to my full attention.  It is not a word that I would commonly use and so it stood out when reading it.


a. All the gods of a people or religion collectively: “Out of all the deities of the Egyptian pantheon Anubis is by far  my favourite”

a. A small group of people who are the most famous, important, and admired in their particular area of activity: “I am honoured beyond measure to be placed in the pantheon of all-time greatest bloggers”

a. A building in which the illustrious dead of a nation are buried or honoured: “Westminster Abbey has a long tradition of honouring great individuals of the world with Burials and Memorials”

a. The Pantheon  is a building in Rome, Italy, commissioned by Marcus Agrippa during the reign of Augustus (27 BC – 14 AD) and rebuilt by the emperor Hadrian about 126 AD. (Wikipeada)

The actual Pantheon was a temple built by the Romans however the word is used nowadays to mean any group of exalted figures from Gods to Celebrities.  Pantheon has also used to describe a national memorial, monument or any place that exalts the dead of a nation.  It is a fantastic word.  Try using Pantheon in a sentence today!


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