The Lost World

I was surprised to discover that the main focus of this story was not on Dinosaurs, it had much more to do with the adventure of getting to the Lost World itself.  It is a book of adventure and of discovery both of the world and what grit lies inside each man.  The story is told through the eyes of Edward Malone, a journalist for the Gazette, first via the narrative of what sets the men on the quest and secondly a series of letters written on his journey and relayed to his editor at the Gazette.  In this way most of the story is told retrospectively which added to the pace and for me drew me in further, I could imagine Edward Malone writing by candlelight committing his adventures to paper.

The characters are all fantastic and completely their own, personality’s so strong that I could hear them talking as I read.  Professor George Edward Challenger or GEC as he like to refer to himself is over all my absolute favourite character, I imagined him very much like Brian Blessad both in appearance and manor. Each character further to having a very set and distinct personality to one another also had very different reasons for going on the adventure.  Each man having his reasons for setting out on this adventure. Edward Malone in order to marry the girl of his dreams sets of on this grand adventure and make a name for himself.  Professor George Edward Challenger, in order to prove his claims the shaming of his hecklers at the institute. Lord John Roxton is in quest of “masculine virility” wishes to hunt the creatures long believed extinct.   Professor Summerlee hopes to prove that “Professor Challenger is an absolute fraud.  So all she set off to the impenetrable Amazonian jungle in quest for the land that time has forgotten.

It ends quicker than it begins, I feel that more justice should have been given to end the story with as much detail as it had started with, but this glazing over the homeward journey did not in anyway ruin the tale.  Over all I enjoyed this adventure.  It was so descriptive and you really could picture every leaf rock and monster.  It is a fun read and a thrilling adventure.  Arthur Conan Doyle’s tales stretch the imagination further from the Baker Street tales and I very much enjoyed this adventure!


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