Max Donigan (Chuck Norris) and Leo Porter (Louis Gossett Jr.) are two down and out treasure hunters, whose adventures rarely result in any notable gain. They are befriended by Patricia Goodwin (Melody Anderson). Patricia’s map leads them on a quest for Aztec or Mayan possibly Egyptian or maybe Apache hoard of gold.  The adventure takes the three from the desserts the United States to the jungles of South America.  Hot on their heels is the mysterious Cyclops or “El Coyote” (Sonny Landham) a constantly oiled up bad guy who wants to release the power of the Firewalker.  Its actually hard to summarise cause it jumps about so dam much!

Its actually entertaining and really funny, I would say look past the cheesiness but I think the cheese is what makes it so funny.  I almost turned it off when I started watching because the acting was so bad but it suddenly grew on me.  The more cliché it became the more I adored it. So im not going to sit and slag the acting off because if it was taken serious it would of sucked the charm right out of it!  None of this movie made sense, and if it did I would have hated it! It plays out like a low budget Indiana Jones/Romancing the Stone jumping from one set up scene to the other with every stereotypical stooge you can think of!  The characters have all the depth of a puddle but strangely you feel the moments of longing, friendship and of loss even with no development or investment.  This movie works against all the odds stacked up against it, it’s like being hypnotised, the longer you watch it the more you love it.  If it was any longer it would be the best movie in the history of the world!

Why did I chose this movie?  Well I was in the mood for a little cheesy 80s chuck Norris kung foo.  Thing is this movie doesn’t have all that, yea there are some fighting scenes but its mostly action adventure.  I think the interaction between Norris and Gossett is hilarious, they really do feel like the best of buddies, in it for the adventure!   Melody Andersons character who is always snapping photos just made me giggle.  The awkward romance story between Norris and Andersons characters will have you face palming but is strangely cute.   John Rhys-Davies accent is a character all on its own!  I think I have a thing for nuns, Melody Anderson who I developed a crush on during this movie wears one, not for long but long enough.  This one should be watched with a bunch of beers and a bunch of friends, Its perfect for making drinking games! There are loads of silly laughs, a fair amount of cheesy action fights with some Chuck Norris Karate.  It will grow on you!

Rating: B
Format: Download
I Would Buy This Movie


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