One Hundred And Fifty Five

It has been fifty five days since I have essentially checked in so there is a lot to talk about.  I will smash through it all as best as I can but no don’t I will leave a few things out. I will try next time not to leave it so long!

I have started working for Caffe Nero, I interviewed for a barista position but they decided to bring me in as an external assistant manager in training.  The hope is to train me up to an assistant manager and when a store becomes available I will have the opportunity to take it.  Most likely it will be in Belfast but who knows where will be offered and what I will decide.  I am enjoying the role for the most part, took me a while to get used to that type of work.  The first couple weeks had me wondering if things would ever click, but then one day it did.  The team is really nice and I think I fit in well, they have been really helpful and friendly.  We have went out for drinks and there is a Christmas ball coming up in a fortnights time so there are out of work activity’s to be involved with. We are even doing secret Santa!  I am still working out the ins and outs so I will l keep you posted.

I have been going to the gym a lot more and I think the benefits are beginning to show.  Training has been hard, I try to keep pushing myself but I have my lazy days and with work sometimes I would rather sit in the spa.  I have made a couple mates in the gym, most notably is an older gentleman Alex who also frequents Nero in the mornings.  I keep thinking if he can get to the gym so can I.  I do feel good when I go but I won’t be getting abs anytime soon, much too fond of Swiss Roll, but over all I do feel better about myself.  I guess the next step is to get back into the cooking and stop being so lazy in the kitchen.

The last eight weeks or so have been good, I see the lads when I can but its harder to get that time sorted with all of them as I work most weekends and therefore miss Saturday Lunch Club. There are other events I get to attend. The Walking Dead Mondays down at Andis house with Keith and Jonny is fun and the odd Wednesday night at Gavins again with Keith.  I do get the odd trip up to see the Finlays and I have met wee Pixel their dog!  Its been a while though since I have got to see Az in Belfast and some of the other dudes, I haven’t got to hang with Alan, Neil or Graham in ages so I will need to make some proper time soon!

Upcoming, well as I said I have the work do in a fortnights time and then a week or so after that I will be seeing little Edgar again.  It will be a good six months since I have seen the little monster and it will be the best thing to get a cuddle from the wee fuzz ball. Christmas this year will be a different affair than of past, but I will see how it all goes.  It will be the first new years that I will be home for and maybe I will get spending it with my buddies or possibly do something completely different!  So I will check in again soon let you all know, whoever you are, all that’s going on.


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