Clearsky: Fulcrum

Clearsky Brewing Company is a recently formed craft brewer in Dungannon, Northern Ireland first opened in 2013.  Launched at the end of October Fulcrum Northern Ireland’s first wheat beer.  I think that it will be hard to find outside of Belfast but the brewery do have plans to export to the republic and mainland UK.  Its been hard to find much info on this brewery as it was the first time I have ever heard of it but I will hopefully get to know the rest of what ever range they bring out.

Fulcrum pours pale golden yellow with an initial foamy white head which soon dissipates.  The first and most distinct aromas I got was citrus and grapefruit with a doughyness in there somewhere.  The palate is crisp, smooth and dry with a slight sweet taste. Clove, banana and a hint of wild berries balanced with a malty grainy kick that brings the palate back to that crisp dry and lingering finish. It is an overall refreshing and tasty wheat beer that I really did enjoy and would most certainly return to.  It will appeal to the fans of German style wheat beers.   I had the opportunity to try this beer for the first time at The National this past Saturday night, the bar itself is well worth a visit.  It is a really cool lil bar with an amazing atmosphere. It has been a while since trying a new beer for my 32 New Beers on my list of 32 Things so it was really good to have that opportunity!

Beer # 14


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