Dr. No

Dr. No Flemings sixth Bond novel picks up right after the events in “From Russia, with Love”. James Bond, British Secret Service agent is sent to Jamaica on a mission to investigate the recent disappearance of Strangways, the head of station in Kingston, who had previously appeared in “Live and Let Die”. A “holiday” assignment according to “M”, who believes nothing more has happened other than Strangways and his sectary have ran off together. The friction that is felt between the two is apparent and Bond is not altogether happy with this soft assignment.  However what Bond discovers is a lot more sinister and the assignment proves to be one of the most difficult Bond has ever encountered, both physically and mentally. Murder, cover ups, espionage and at the centre of it all Dr. Julius No, a Chinese-German who lives on an island called “Crab Key” that is said to be the home of a brutal dragon.

The novel follows the story of the movie pretty closely, or should I say the movie follows the novel. However there are clear differences between them which I will allow you to discover. What I loved most is the return of Quarrel the Cayman Islander who first appears in the novel “Live and Let Die”.  The friendship between the two is mutually felt and Bond really relies on him as an ally.  Honey Rider is a much deeper and more scarred girl than Bond has encountered before, and her physical description was surprising. Dr. No deals with the meaning of power, and the concept of friendship and loyalty.  It is a really enjoyable read for both die-hard fans and readers new to the Bond saga.


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